Mulemvo Nianda

Today’s #SurvivorSunday feature comes by way of a voice not often heard; the voice of a male survivor. Here, Mulemovo Nianda, shares a painfully honest story of a toxic relationship, regretful decisions, consequences and lessons learned. We thank him for sharing his truth and ask that you take a moment to follow a survivor’s story, Read More >

Victoria Cartagena

Some people are just born leaders. Our #SurvivorSunday feature, the lovely Victoria Cartagena, happens to be one of those people. Small in stature but a giant when it comes to fighting for what’s hers, Victoria is no stranger to overcoming adversity. Below, she shares with us what drives her to keep going and how those hurdles Read More >


Here, “Jessica” shares with us a story of survival and overcoming experiences that no person should have to face. Wishing to remain anonymous, she shares her testimony with the hopes of bringing awareness to sexual assault and courage to those who may be afraid to come forward. Jessica’s Story: When I was 14 I got Read More >


Hello G.R.O.W. family! Meet Kayla, today’s #SurvivorSunday feature. As tough as she is beautiful, Kayla shares with us a story of young love gone wrong and finding the courage to fight for herself and for the person who needed her most. Kayla’s Story: Hello, my name is Kayla and I am a 29 year old Read More >

Alexandria Nicole-Marie Andrews

Today’s #SurvivorSunday feature is the lovely, Alexandria Nicole Marie Anderson. A young mother of two, Alexandria shares with us her brave story of survival, lessons learned and victory that will leave you in awe. Alexandria’s Story: I always knew something was wrong, something was off, but I was always too embarrassed to admit that my Read More >

Christa Marie Ochs

Christa Marie Ochs

Happy Sunday! Today’s #SurvivorSunday feature comes by way of a young woman and mother who has overcome some of the most harrowing abuse shared with our viewers. Here, Christa Marie Ochs, shares with us her story of survival and how she has learned to find love in herself and in others. Christa’s Story: Hello, my Read More >

Shawn Plummer

Shawn Plummer

Happy Easter! Today is a day that many associate with healing and the resurrection of life. What a better way to celebrate new beginnings than by honoring today’s #SurvivorSunday feature, Shawn Plummer. Shawn explains below her terrifying near death experience and how she fought to not only survive but to live the life she deserves. Read More >


Welcome our #SurvivorSunday feature, Shelby. As fearless as she is stunning, Shelby has very recently decided to break her silence in the hopes of freeing herself and helping others who may be in the same situation. We applaud her resilience and thank her for sharing this heartfelt testimony.   Shelby’s Story: As our anniversary approaches Read More >

Ch-Hara Davis

Today’s #SurvivorSunday feature, Ch-Hara Davis, is something like a beauty and a beast.  Not only has she survived things that no child or woman should bear, but she uses her testimony to inspire and educate others on the perils of sexual abuse and domestic violence.  Now the founder of her own non-profit organization, S.C.A.R.S., Inc., her fight for awareness is Read More >

Krissy Johnson

Krissy Johnson

Today’s #SurvivorSunday feature is the fiercely courageous, Krissy Johnson.  Krissy shares with us her story by way of a video testimony as she speaks in front of her church congregation about the dangers of domestic violence.  She speaks of her marriage of 10 years which was filled with harsh verbal and emotional abuse eventually leading Read More >

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