Media Highlights

Media Highlights

Chesapeake woman shares experience of being in a violent relationship as a teenager

One Chesapeake woman described being bitten, dumped in a trashcan and hit in the face during a violent relationship she ...
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‘I’m glad I can say I’m a survivor’

A man who says he was stalked for months is sharing his story. Jonathan DeCastro told News 3 that the ...
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Experts Sound Alarm On ‘Stalkerware,’ Which Can Easily Be Downloaded On Your Phone Without You Knowing

As we recognize October as Domestic Violence Awareness Month, we want to shed light on a type of abuse that many ...
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Domestic violence cases on the rise across Hampton Roads

Domestic violence cases are on the rise in Hampton Roads. One domestic survivor is using her voice to empower women and ...
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YWCA of South Hampton Roads honors domestic violence survivors and remembers lives lost

October 21 is Purple Thursday - a day to bring awareness to domestic violence, an ongoing and profound issue across ...
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News 3 investigates how perpetrators use religion and spirituality as a form of abuse

Abuse comes in many different forms, as News 3 has been exploring all this week in our series on domestic ...
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