Victoria DT

Victoria DT

This month’s #SurvivorSunday feature is Victoria DT, a survivor turned advocate determined to use her story as a stepping stool to help others in their journey to freedom.  Read below as Victoria openly shares some of the trials she has overcome and the lessons she has learned in the process of learning to love herself again.

Victoria’s Story:


I am a Survivor.

Today, I have helped countless women involved in Domestic Violence, even men.  Domestic Violence involves so much.  It is not just hitting.  It is so much more.

For as long as I can remember, I was beaten pretty badly.  It is one thing to discipline a child, but it is another to be beaten to where scars are left on your body.

I also witnessed Domestic Violence later in our home.  Once I left, unfortunately and once again, someone took it upon themselves to think it was ok to beat me.  Not only did they beat me, but I was beaten while pregnant.  Thank God my children are doing well.

I am a Survivor.

I have encountered beatings, bullying, financial abuse, spiritual abuse, narcissistic personality, someone stating they loved me but dabbling in pornography, sexual fetishes, sado masochism, infidelity and other ways to find pleasure– while I would just hurt.  Abandonment, rejection, dysfunction, and yet all I see is silence.  No one really wants to talk about it.

I have a VOICE and I will speak out and not put it under the rug anymore.

My children, who I love dearly, were hurt as well.  Only God gave me the strength to go on and do my best to move forward.

People are not always who they say they are.  They are manipulators and liars and once you are there, it is hard to believe that this could happen to you.  Get out while you can.  I got out of every situation.

It has been a very long journey to healing as people will remind you of your past and call you names because you decided to SPEAK UP! Speak up, I will.  Domestic Violence, in whatever form it comes, is damaging.  Never believe you asked for this.  I never did.  Neither did my children.

This cycle needs to be broken.

Get out while you can.  Do better!  There is better!  No one should ever abuse you! No one!

What I am trying to do now is pick up all of the broken pieces of my life and put it back together by bringing healing to others that still feel like they have no worth, or that people do not understand their trauma.  I know that my life and my story will heal many as I am a product of abuse in so many forms.  It took a lot to speak to myself and say “You have worth”.   You were created for a Purpose.

May God help me to help others.