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‘I’m glad I can say I’m a survivor’

A man who says he was stalked for months is sharing his story. Jonathan DeCastro told News 3 that the stalking he suffered began in 2019 when he still lived in Newport News. Although he wasn’t with his partner for long, the stalking began when they broke up. Neisha Himes, the CEO of GROW, an organization Read More >

Domestic violence cases on the rise across Hampton Roads

Domestic violence cases are on the rise in Hampton Roads. One domestic survivor is using her voice to empower women and men to leave unhealthy relationships this Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Someone in the United States experiences abuse by an intimate partner approximately every 20 minutes. Read More

News 3 investigates how technology plays a role in domestic abuse


Domestic violence continues to plague homes throughout Hampton Roads, and abuse comes in many different forms. News 3 is investigating the different aspects of abuse, such as how technology plays a role in the issue. Experts say technology can play a huge role in how victims are manipulated and controlled. Read More

Health, Healing, & Hampton Roads

Check out Health, Healing, & Hampton Roads with Neisha Himes, Founder & CEO of G.R.O.W. Foundation discussing being a Domestic Violence survivor, red flags and support for victims of domestic violence. Read More