A: No, we do not. However, we do advocate on the survivor’s behalf and work with our community partners to help secure a safe place for the survivor to go.

A: Our services are available for domestic violence survivors in crisis, regardless of gender, gender identity, age, race, sexual preference, religious belief, background, etc.

A: To protect the health, privacy, and safety of our guests, in-person meetings are appointment only.

A: Our organization is run by a team of dedicated volunteers who all maintain fulltime employment outside of operating G.R.O.W. As such, our hours were created around our team members’ primary work schedules.

A: We do not have a 24-hour hotline. If you are in danger, please call 911. If you are in crisis and in need of 24-hour crisis support, please contact your local domestic violence prevention agency (https://growfoundationva.org/va-resources/) or the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 800-799-SAFE (7233).

A: Yes! We love educating our community and welcome opportunities to bring awareness! Please visit our contact page to complete our “Request A Speaker” form and/or to check out our events calendar for more information.

A: Our donation requests may vary depending on the needs of our current clients; however, you can find a general list of common necessities and ways you can help support our survivors on our “Support G.R.O.W.” page.

A: We serve the Hampton Roads/7 Cities community. Please note that the services rendered are based on staffing, funding, and resource availability.