Crisis Intervention Program

Please be advised that due to an influx of existing clients and pending applicants, we are currently unable to process new intake applications at this time. Your safety, however, is important to us and help is still available. Please visit our resource page for a list of local and national crisis support agencies for further assistance.

Homelessness Prevention

G.R.O.W. Foundation will assist with providing emergency hotel lodging at an undisclosed location for up to 72 hours for survivors who are escaping abuse. This resource is aimed to promote safety and prevent homelessness in the event area domestic violence prevention agencies are unable to place the survivor and their family in shelter at the time of crisis. G.R.O.W. Foundation will then work with community partners to help secure temporary shelter for the survivor or family in need.

Survivor Sustainability 

G.R.O.W. Foundation also works to assist survivors in crisis who may be experiencing food, clothing, and personal hygiene insecurities. With the help of community partners, supporters, and donors, we can provide referrals and/or direct short-term assistance with ensuring survivors are able to clean, clothe, and feed themselves—the basic needs that every human deserves to have fulfilled.

Counseling Program

‘GROWing Fighters’ is a private support group for domestic violence survivors ages 18+ and is open to survivors of any gender, gender identity, sexual preference, nationality, race, religious belief, or background. Offering a trauma informed and strength-based environment, ‘GROWing Fighters’ meets on the 3rd Saturday of each month and is jointly facilitated by Domestic Violence Specialist, Neisha Himes, and LPC Resident, Amanda Romero, who specializes in trauma counseling and cognitive behavioral therapy. Each meeting includes one hour of group counseling, followed by 45-minutes of an invigorating group boxing and fitness workout facilitated by MatchBout Athletic Development Center.

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Community Outreach & Awareness Program

As you may have read in our mission statement, we pride ourselves on our commitment to advocacy through education, collaboration, and the empowerment of our community and beyond! We, at G.R.O.W. Foundation, believe that no voice is too small and that we all can make a difference in the fight against domestic violence.

G.R.O.W’s Signature Outreach & Awareness Events

  • We Need to Talk
  • Bridge The Gap
  • Cameras Off: A Conversation With No Filter
  • Summer Daze Ice Cream Giveaway
  • Square Up: Surviving the Ring & Yourself


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Don’t forget to ask about our G.R.O.W. CARES (Community and Resource Engagement Support) initiative and learn how you can support us in our work to end domestic violence!

  • Volunteer & Intern Openings
  • Individual & Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities
  • Agency Collaborations