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Face It: Domestic Violence Affects Us All

Supporting Our Community Through Advocacy, Education, and Outreach

You can help fight domestic violence.

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We offer a variety of programs such as crisis intervention, community outreach and awareness, counseling, and more.

2022 Program Impact

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Though our passion is great, our success relies heavily in part on the generosity of our community. All donations received assist us in providing aid to our survivors, along with supporting our community outreach and education efforts, and the operation of our organization. G.R.O.W. Foundation is a tax-exempt, charitable non-profit organization under IRS tax code 501(c)3 and donations are tax deductible. Contact us for more information on how you can help! Thank you for your support!


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G.R.O.W. News

A Call for Change Helpline: Reaching domestic violence abusers who want to change

by Greta Jochen, Mass Live: When the pandemic began, many people in abusive relationships were locked down at home with ...

FCC moves to help domestic violence victims with new rules around cellphones

by Noah Pransky, NBC News: The Federal Communications Commission is expected to pass new regulations on Wednesday aimed at making cellphones ...

Sen. Kaine introduces bills to help survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence and/or gun violence

by Kenzie Finch, Wavy: Sen. Tim Kaine recently announced two separate bills to support survivors and victims of sexual assault, domestic violence ...

Less pressure than it takes to crack an egg: The strangulation threat to domestic violence victims

by Caroline Love, Kera News: It takes less pressure on the neck to knock out a victim of domestic violence ...
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