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Face It: Domestic Violence Affects Us All

Supporting Our Community Through Advocacy, Education, and Outreach

You can help fight domestic violence.

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We offer a variety of programs such as crisis intervention, community outreach and awareness, counseling, and more.

The Art of Understanding Trauma

Through raw testimonials and gripping facts, G.R.O.W. Foundation brings to you, ‘The Art of Understanding Trauma’, a project created to bring awareness to the benefits of art therapy as it relates to the healing journey of trauma survivors and the crisis support professionals who experience it vicariously. This engaging and interactive presentation would make a great addition to your next domestic violence awareness event! Contact us today for more info!

2021 Program Impact

Survivors & Children Served
Advocacy & Outreach Hours
Crisis Intervention Expenses


Though our passion is great, our success relies heavily in part on the generosity of our community. All donations received assist us in providing aid to our survivors, along with supporting our community outreach and education efforts, and the operation of our organization. G.R.O.W. Foundation is a tax-exempt, charitable non-profit organization under IRS tax code 501(c)3 and donations are tax deductible. Contact us for more information on how you can help! Thank you for your support!


Upcoming Events

Save the Date!

Sailing For a Cause October 28th, 2022! Details coming soon!

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Doing the work we do, we understand the importance of giving survivors the space and freedom to speak their truth. If you are a survivor ready to share your testimony, we invite you to submit your story to for a chance to be featured on our #SurvivorSunday series. Featuring every 1st Sunday of the month, our survivors tell their story, their way!



G.R.O.W. News

Former domestic violence abusers walk, advocate for native women

By Breana Albizu, KOAT Action News: Domestic violence is just one of several underlying factors in the crisis of missing ...

Revlon Partners With Mental Health Company Real For Mental Health Awareness Month

By D'Shonda Brown, Essence: Whoever said that self-care is selfish clearly didn’t understand the importance of mental wellness. In time ...

How Trauma Rewires the Brain

By Amanda Kippert, DomesticShelters.Org: Our brains are mysterious and complex organs, made up of billions of neurons. They control virtually ...

Amber Heard-Johnny Depp trial memes could have ‘a chilling effect’ on victims of domestic abuse, expert says

by Kalhan Rosenblatt, NBC News: As a survivor of domestic abuse, Ruth M. Glenn said watching the Amber Heard-Johnny Depp defamation ...
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