Media Highlights

Media Highlights

Domestic violence cases on the rise across Hampton Roads

Domestic violence cases are on the rise in Hampton Roads. One domestic survivor is using her voice to empower women and ...

YWCA of South Hampton Roads honors domestic violence survivors and remembers lives lost

October 21 is Purple Thursday - a day to bring awareness to domestic violence, an ongoing and profound issue across ...

News 3 investigates how perpetrators use religion and spirituality as a form of abuse

Abuse comes in many different forms, as News 3 has been exploring all this week in our series on domestic ...

News 3 investigates how technology plays a role in domestic abuse

Domestic violence continues to plague homes throughout Hampton Roads, and abuse comes in many different forms. News 3 is investigating ...

‘I had nothing in my name’: An investigation into aspects of financial abuse

Domestic abuse is happening in homes throughout Hampton Roads, and the COVID-19 pandemic has put a strain on people stuck ...

Health, Healing, & Hampton Roads

Check out Health, Healing, & Hampton Roads with Neisha Himes, Founder & CEO of G.R.O.W. Foundation discussing being a Domestic ...

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Thank you to everyone who celebrated with us at our 2022 “Sailing for a Cause”- All Black Masquerade Gala!

Enjoy these awesome pictures from the festivities taken by our amazing photographers, Jay’s Creations and Sedric Johnson Photography!