White Petals…

I used to work a 2nd job as a waitress for a local sports bar.  He hated it.  “Paralegal by day, slut by night”, he used to say.  I was often accused  of sleeping with the patrons or at the very least, wanting to do so.  One night, an older gentleman made a rose for Read More >

Bonnie Love

This week’s  #SurvivorSunday feature comes by way of the beautiful and talented, Bonnie Love. A passionate musical performing artist, Bonnie speaks candidly about overcoming toxic situations, depression and heartbreak while using her art to piece together the parts of her that were once broken in the hopes of finding (and keeping) her worth. Bonnie’s Story: Read More >


Today’s feature has chosen to remain anonymous but through her anonymity, still using her voice to bravely bring awareness to a cause she holds dear. A survivor of teenage dating violence, our feature reminds us that domestic violence can affect anyone in all walks of life. Even those walking in the shoes of a 16 Read More >

Neisha “Beautiful Dizaster” Himes

Every Sunday we share a survivor’s story for our #SurvivorSunday series. Recently, a follower of the series reached out to me and asked why I, as the founder of G.R.O.W., hadn’t yet shared my story. I answered that I often tell my story at various awareness events and that I really just wanted other survivors Read More >

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