Media Highlights

Media Highlights

virginian pilot

Activists fighting domestic violence can’t afford to become weary

In a surprise to no one, police have arrested the former boyfriend of Bellamy Gamboa in her slaying and disappearance ...
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Neisha Himes; State Fair of Virginia (#2611)

Discover how Neisha Himes helps others rise above domestic abuse. See how the State Fair of Virginia keeps farming alive ...
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whro public media

Another View: Breaking the Cycle of Domestic Violence

On WHRO's Another View, host Barbara Hamm Lee recently discussed how to break the cycle of domestic violence, with co-host ...
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virginian pilot

Differing messages for women stuck in abusive relationships

Two news stories the same day hinted at the hope – and awful harm – that victims of domestic violence ...
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abc news

This mom distributed hundreds of Valentines to domestic violence survivors in her community

A Virginia mom helped distribute hundreds of Valentine's Day chocolates to victims of domestic violence in her community this year ...
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