G.R.O.W. Foundation, Inc. (aka Girls Recognizing Our Worth) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization incorporated in the Commonwealth of Virginia and the founder’s native home of New Jersey.  Our mission is to connect individuals and families affected by domestic violence with the resources needed to lead a safe and productive life free from abuse.  These resources are, but not limited to: housing placement, daily living necessities, youth/adult mentoring and victim advocacy.  In appreciation of our fellow community partners, G.R.O.W. Foundation also works to support local organizations in their efforts to eradicate domestic violence.   At G.R.O.W. Foundation, we have embraced the commitment of advocacy through education and the empowerment of our community and beyond.


Founder, Neisha Himes, is a survivor of domestic violence and devoted Advocate.  After leaving the toxic relationship in late 2012, she began telling her story years later via her gift of Spoken Word.  Known to the poetry community as ‘Beautiful Dizaster’, Neisha has featured on many stages and often uses her talent as a method for bringing awareness.  Her courageous transparency soon led to requests to share her story on platforms such as: radio interviews, high school and college programs, community seminars and more.  Along with her speaking engagements, she began volunteering at a local shelter where she created a journaling group to encourage self-expression and healing through the art of writing.  She later became certified as a Human Trafficking Victim Advocate with the Virginia Beach Justice Initiative and remains an active volunteer with the organization.  In honor of her advocacy in the fight against domestic violence, Neisha was recognized by People magazine and Investigation Discovery as their ‘Inspire A Difference: Hero of the Month’ and featured on PBS channel’s ‘Virginia Currents’. Her unwavering dedication and passion to help others is the driving force behind the mission of G.R.O.W. Foundation.









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