She is a survivor of domestic abuse. Now she helps other women get through it.

via Robyn Sidersky of The Virginian-Pilot

The first time she was hit, she said, the argument was over a text from an ex.  Sitting on the edge of the bed, Neisha Himes reached down to get her purse to make a quick exit.  Suddenly, she said, he was right there. He hit her with a pillow so hard that she fell off the bed.  She fought back, screaming at him and crying.  She threw the remote and he charged, hitting her and slamming her onto the wall, then the floor.  She kicked him with her leopard heels, trying to pull his hand off her throat.

He only stopped when he saw her mouth was bleeding, she said.

It was the first time, but it wouldn’t be the last.  He promised it would stop, she said.  But it didn’t.

Memories like that come flooding back when Himes is on state.  Using the name “Beautiful Dizaster”, she uses spoken word performances to tell her story.

This is a love note dedicated to

every word

that was supposed to tear me down.  

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