What are the different types of abuse?

Domestic violence can take on many forms but all are used by the aggressor in an effort to exert power and control over the victim.

Examples of the different types of abuse are:

  • Physical Abuse: pushing, kicking, slapping, punching, choking, shaking, spitting, biting, hitting, restraining, confinement, burning, assault with a weapon, murder
  • Verbal Abuse: name calling, threatening, humiliating (in private or public), gas lighting, teasing, mocking, harassment, criticizing, yelling
  • Emotional Abuse: making the victim feel worthless, destruction of property, gas lighting, name calling, alienating the victim from their family and friends, neglecting, possessiveness, creating the need to “walk on eggshells”, humiliating (in private or public), blame game, instilling fear, controlling of the victims whereabouts
  • Sexual Abuse: forcing someone to engage in unwanted, unsafe, and degrading sexual activity, humiliating someone for their sexual choices, forcing someone to exploit themselves sexually via pornography, trafficking, cyberbullying


fear abuse domestic violence scared female victim
  • Financial Abuse: withholding economic resources such as money, paychecks, or credit cards, exploiting the victim’s resources for personal gain, stealing or defrauding the victim’s assets, withholding daily necessities such as food, medication, clothes, toiletries
  • Religious Abuse: using the victim’s personal beliefs to manipulate and control them, preventing the victim from practicing their religious faith, shaming and humiliating the victim for their beliefs
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