Rebuilding After a Gaslighting or Narcissistic Relationship

via Stephanie A. Sarkis, Ph.D., Psychology Today: Life in the aftermath of a gaslighting or narcissistic relationship can be a struggle.  You may have left the relationship with wounds to your heart and self-esteem.  If the gaslighter/narcissist left you for someone else, you may be feeling rage and betrayal.  You may also be pretty mean Read More >

Path to Safety…

via The National Domestic Violence Hotline: A safety plan is a personalized, practical plan that includes ways to remain safe while in a relationship, planning to leave, or after you leave. Safety planning involves how to cope with emotions, tell friends and family about the abuse, take legal action and more. At The Hotline we Read More >

Effects of Domestic Violence on Children

via Office on Women’s Health: Children in homes where one parent is abused may feel fearful and anxious. They may always be on guard, wondering when the next violent event will happen.3 This can cause them to react in different ways, depending on their age: Children in preschool. Young children who witness intimate partner violence Read More >

Let’s Talk About the Power & Control Wheel

“Relationship violence is a combination of a number of different tactics of abuse that are used to maintain power and control — which are the words in the very center of the wheel. The center is surrounded by different sets of behaviors that an abusive partner uses in order to maintain this power and control. Read More >

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