Aimee Bell-Hay

Today’s #SurvivorSunday comes all the way from Sydney, Australia but shows us the pain and aftermath of abuse is universal. Here, the fiercely resilient Aimee Bell-Hay, shares a heartbreakingly honest account of growing up with an abusive mother and trying to overcome the PTSD that followed as a result. Thank you, Aimee, for sharing your Read More >

Carina Anaisia

  Today’s #SurvivorSunday story was submitted by way of a new survivor, the stunning Carina Anaisia. Carina has very recently taken the courageous step in leaving her abuser and is determined to live a life where loving herself is a priority. Let’s surround Carina with encouragement and support during her newfound journey towards healing and Read More >

Mulemvo Nianda

Today’s #SurvivorSunday feature comes by way of a voice not often heard; the voice of a male survivor. Here, Mulemovo Nianda, shares a painfully honest story of a toxic relationship, regretful decisions, consequences and lessons learned. We thank him for sharing his truth and ask that you take a moment to follow a survivor’s story, Read More >

Victoria Cartagena

Some people are just born leaders. Our #SurvivorSunday feature, the lovely Victoria Cartagena, happens to be one of those people. Small in stature but a giant when it comes to fighting for what’s hers, Victoria is no stranger to overcoming adversity. Below, she shares with us what drives her to keep going and how those hurdles Read More >

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